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FX-Trauma-Moulage-Creating Silicone Prosthetics

Special FX, Trauma,Moulage and Creating Silicone Prosthetics

$1499 for 5 day workshop. We welcome all ages for this creative learning and teens may join this class!  Includes Lab fees and use of supplies, tools, chemicals, FX Makeup, Airbrush makeup and equipment and all supplies needed for use in class.Hands on Special FX and Trauma Moulage workshop. (4 student minimum to hold this class) 

INSTRUCTOR: ALAN TUSKES (Alan Tuskes IMBD Movie Credits)
If you are interested in Special Effects makeup, film and movie makeup, then this is a great place to start. For Makeup artists and beginners alike,  this class will be hands on and full of tips & tricks that come from years in the professional makeup industry. This class includes lectures, demonstrations and hands on learning. This class is kept SMALL so that there will be time for questions and practice.
Starting at beginner’s level then progressing to advanced, covering the fundamentals of Lite special effects in today’s industry.

Day 1 & 2: FX, Trauma & Moulage Makeup

* Learn to use professional make-up, gels, silicone & waxes to create beginner-advanced medical-trauma conditions such as  / Cuts / Bruising / Slit wrist / Scratches / Burns / Lessons in light & shade / Black eyes / Missing teeth / Old Aging  / laying hair for beards / Bald capping / Makeup product line knowledge and more.

Day 3.4.5. = Creating Silicone Prosthetics and applications.

* Sculpting, using different tools, and techniques for textures. *Students design and sculpt their own cheek or brow prosthetic on a generic face cast.
*Finishing touches, and mold making. *Students will “float” their sculptures from the form, finalize details, and learn to  make stone molds.
* Casting a silicone prosthetic. *Students will learn to cast a silicone prosthetic from their molds to use in their final    makeup application. The instructor will demonstrate how to apply and paint a final piece.
* Application  *Students will apply their final prosthetic to create a full character

Recommend for students to bring a model to get the most practice time. (If you are coming from out of town, please feel free to email us with your questions about how to obtain a model and for a list of hotels close to the studio. Contact us here with any questions you may have!)




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