CMC Instructors are all professional working freelance makeup artists, with  many years of experience & knowledge in both makeup application as well as the how to’s of running successful careers in the arts, thus bringing current industry knowledge, experience & stories from the fields of PRO Beauty, Fashion makeup application, Hair Styling, business & more into the classroom. When there is no class all CMC employees are active in the industry.

  • Christopher Luciano
  • Natalia Issa
  • Jerod Davies
  • Eric Zapata
  • Veronica Davalos de Verdaguer
  • Anja Yamaji
  • Alyssa Skyes 


ERIC ZAPATA FX instructor at CMC Makeup School

Eric Zapata is a Special FX Makeup Artist who was a featured contestant on seasons 4 and 5 of SyFy’s reality competition series “Face Off”, and the web series “Face Off: Redemption”.  Shortly after graduating Makeup School, Eric landed a position working for Special FX veteran Bob Kurtzman. During that time he acquired credits on cult films such as “John Dies at The End” and “Lucky McKee’s The Woman”. Most recently Eric has done work on the television series “Dallas” and is a contributing artist to the haunted attraction “House of Torment” in Austin. Currently Eric runs his own shop (EZMUFX), and acts as Co-founder of the production team “Archimedes Media Lab.”


DTOX -Jerod Davies teaches body painting classes at cmc makeup school - dallas

JEROD ALEXANDER DAVIES / DTOX Instructor for Body Painting classes.

Jerod has a passionate approach to creating art and is fueled by his deeply-rooted attraction for unconventional beauty. Heavily influenced by texture, his style is virtually impossible to categorize yet easy to describe: Bold portraits, believable and surreal, direct yet ornate with a vibrant sarcasm.

Jerod ranked 7th place in the top ten national rankings at the NORTH AMERICAN BODY PAINT CHAMPIONSHIPS and has produced commissioned works for private clients for 16 years. His clients include: JEAN PAUL GAULTIER, DREAMWORKS, MODELO ESPECIALE, THE DALLAS MUSEUM OF ART, CITY OF DALLAS PARKS, DECA, ERYKA BADU, RANDY JACKSON, AMERICAN AIRLINES, DALLAS MAVERICKS, MIRAMAS FILMS, VANS WARPED TOUR and many more.


Natalia Issa CMC makeup School instructorNATALIA ISSA Beauty, Bridal, Hair Styling &
Spanish Instructor at CMC Makeup School

Natalia Issa is a multilingual charismatic hair and makeup artist and beauty expert. With a strong passion for bridal beauty, Natalia spends most of her time collaborating with professionals in the bridal industry and local magazines. Natalia is also a brand Ambassador for Surreal Makeup, a mineral cosmetics company based in Florida.

One of the things that characterizes Natalia is her passion and enthusiasm for everything she does. She is DBU graduate, with a major in arts and communications and a graduate degree in management. Natalia was born and raised in Colombia, and living in various countries in the world, she has a flare for understanding global trends and incorporates them in to her work.

Christopher Luciano bio

CHRISTOPHER LUCIANO School Director, Airbrush Instructor & professional photographer at CMC Makeup School.

One of the leaders of the CMC Makeup School, Christopher Luciano is a professional instructor, makeup artist & fashion photographer. He currently pursues freelance work and enjoys learning new techniques and pursuing fresh sources of inspiration. Luciano sees every experience as an opportunity for his own personal growth. Christopher Luciano has been involved in the makeup industry for over 15 years, based mainly in Southern California.

As a key instructor at CMC Makeup School as well as being one of the school’s Directors, Christopher Luciano teaches classes in beauty, fashion, airbrush makeup, and portfolio work. Patient and knowledgeable, he strives to convey his passion for makeup to his students. As part of his position with CMC Makeup School, Luciano travels regularly between the school’s five locations in Los Angeles, Huntington Beach, San Diego, Austin, and Dallas.

In makeup, his specialty is airbrush makeup. Hi
s fashion shoots were featured on the covers of Lemonade magazine and Damsel, in Orange County, California. Each of his finished looks is carefully crafted to express an aspect of beauty that he sees in nature, the world, or his own imagination. Christopher Luciano believes that there is beauty in everything, and that it only needs to be brought out with
the right eye and techniques.

Christopher Luciano grew up in Los Angeles and graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. In addition to his work in makeup and photography, he creates works of art using sculpture, mixed media, and canvas.


 ALYSSA SKYES School Director & Professional Photographer at CMC Makeup School. 

Alyssa Skyes, a professional published photographer and freelance makeup artist, has a long and varied career in creative work. Her passion for photography began during her childhood, when she traveled throughout Central Latin America with her parents, who worked as traveling teachers. As she lived in various countries like Venezuela, Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Puerto Rico, Alyssa Skyes developed a strong sense of color and visual
rhythm. This continues to influence her present-day work, whether it is in fashion makeup and photography, portraiture, or creative events.

Over the years, Alyssa Skyes also developed a talent for makeup and canvas art. Her makeup artistry also reflects the passion and drama of her childhood traveling. She enjoys working with different types of people and helping them discover the beauty within. After living in California, Alyssa Skyes relocated to Dallas, Texas, Recently, she has started a charity project that offers free makeup artists to individuals and organizations that are starting non-profits.

In addition to her freelance work, Alyssa Skyes currently works as the Director of CMC Makeup School. CMC Makeup School excels in customer service and has received multiple Customer Satisfaction Award for Excellence in Customer Care.  


AMBER LYNNE DOWNS Dallas & Austin Instructor at CMC Makeup School . Beauty. Bridal. 

Amber was raised in Dallas, TX and has spent over 20 years in the performance art industry. Spending most of her life in the theatre, her passion for makeup has been driven by a love for art, color, texture, creation and people. Her experience holds many varieties of makeup applications from beauty, theatrical and fashion to total body painting. Freelancing on a full time basis, her current major clients are Fox 4 News “The Good Day Show”, The North American Body Painting Championship, CMC and Gracefully Wicked Photography. She has also been successful at freelance bridal makeup for numerous weddings in NYC, New Jersey, Long Island, Queens, The Bronx, Dallas/Fort Worth and Austin, TX. Currently residing in Dallas, TX she is always open to traveling for her work.