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Destination Workshop – COLOR

Destination Workshop Location: The Mayan Gypsy in Progreso, Yucatan, Mexico

Date: Oct 28th – Nov 4th, 2018: 

psychology-study-color-people-class-workshopColor and Divination – Chromatology 

The psychology of color dates back thousands of years, to the Egyptians who used color for health and holistic benefits and studied the influence of color on human behavior, how it changed moods and effected their decisions. 

Since then in modern psychology, the science of color has been studied many times over.  A large part our choices and judgement is due to color, as colors can define our moods, emotions, behaviors, influence our choices and even our appetites.

From advertising, to interior design, to fashion, to color therapy and even to doctors and cancer centers, the knowledge of color use is essential.

Join us in learning the beautiful language of color from Donna and use it to empower your personal life and business decisions.  

Colors are the mother tongue of the subconscious.” – Carl Jung

Whats included:

Transportation to and from airport
Accommodations for 7 nights
Colored Filters for solarized water
One on One 30 minute reading with Donna
Set of color cards, practice sheets & tools
Chromatology Certificate of completion
1 Mayan Ruin or Cenote trip, entry & transportation
Trip to colonial city of Merida and Cathedral
Evening Visit to Merida Cemetery for Day of the Dead
1 Happy hour & hordourve night
Organic Skin brightening Face Masks
Organic Fresh Hair Masks
Toiletries, basic essentials
1 Hour Massage

Oct 28- Nov 4th

10/28 Day 1 – Arrival day, settle in to The Mayan Gypsy hotel and venue.
10/29 Day 2 – Classes and one on ones with Donna 
10/30 Day 3 – Continued classes with Donna
10/31  Day 4 – Continued classes with Donna
11/ 1   Day 5 – Continued classes with Donna
11/2   Day 6 – A visit to one of the famous Mayan Ruins (Chichén Itzá or Uxmal
11/3  – Day 7 – Open day for exploration, rest and the beach
11/4 – Departure Day

Class overview: (Instructor Donna Reis)

If you love color and would like to develop your psychic abilities then this is the class for you. This class will offer you an opportunity to learn a non-intrusive way for Divination utilizing COLOR. 

Divination is the practice of gathering hidden information with the intention to aid the individual in future events giving the necessary information to make decisions and choices that are in their best interest as well as making them aware of any obstacles or blocks that are standing in their way.

Regarding the color selection form that is the foundation of the course at this time I have professionals using this form in their business’s to gain a better understanding of gifts as well as challenges their clients, patients, employees, and students etc. are experiencing. Example of folks using theses color selection forms range from psychologists, teachers, medical professionals, and cancer centers for both patients and their families, human resource personnel as well as mothers to gain information to assist their children when needed, again this is just an example of some of the folks that are practicing “Color Divination”.


Those that have had a color reading with me know the power and depth of the information gathered through this form of Divination. Folks have been amazed at the information I give them commenting on what an amazing psychic I am, trust me it is understanding the language of color that allows me to pass on this valuable information to my clients, I can teach anyone how to utilize COLOR and give a reading.

Let me ask if you could gain insight, be of assistance to your child, family member, spouse, client, teacher, student, patient any and all folks in your life that matter including yourself wouldn’t you want to learn this form of Divination?

You will receive a certificate of completion “Divination through Color” along with this certificate you will also receive the necessary forms and a deck of Color Cards so that you may practice this form of Divination on your clients, family or friends as well as yourself for insights into the future as well as present. For those of you who would like to earn another source of income completion of this course will provide the opportunity.
Regarding the Color Cards they may or may not be used in your color divination session that is up to you. I find for me the Color Cards give added information and as Color is a non-intrusive universal langue most folks welcome the Color Cards. Having given thousands of Color Readings throughout the years some including an Aura Photo as well as the Color Cards the more you incorporate into your session the more information you are able to give your client.


(Not included, Airfare, Dinners and extra activities additional to whats included in the program.)

The closest airport is Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. Sometimes Cancun is a way cheaper option with more direct flights. If you choose to fly into Cancun, there is a very comfortable bus, with plush seats, TVs, bathroom etc, that will bring you to Merida (3 1/2 hour direct ride). We are happy to give you information on traveling that route should it work better for you.


Hosted at The Mayan Gypsy

  • Located one block from the ocean and directly behind the boardwalk, restaurants, shopping and entertainment
  • No rental car needed
  • Double queen bedrooms will be shared with 2 students per room. (Email with special requests. If you would like to stay extra nights, or arrange trips to nearby destinations after your class week we can help you arrange it.

Fresh Aloe Vera, Papaya, Avocados & tropical fruit can be prepared for facials or hair wraps at your request. Take advantage and REJUVENATE while here.

Workshop and all included above: $2500 ($500 deposit to hold your spot, is included in the total price. Space is limited)

Deposit for October 28-Nov-4