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Student Reviews

We LOVE feedback & want to hear from you. Your education doesn’t end when your class does. If you need additional questions answered after your class we are just a phone call away. CMC wants to stay in touch with you & hear about your successful launch into the makeup Industry. Give us a call or shoot us an email with your ‘after school’ questions & we will do our best to get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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Tasha Green wrote about CMC on Aug 27th – I am located in Denver and thoroughly searched for a school that would be heavy in education with a lot of hands on practice. It was important that the information taught included historical references, as well as relevant, current trends. I wanted to be taught by professionals actively working in the field with portfolios that reflected multiple and varied styles. CMC was everything I was looking for and so much more. The tips and tricks they taught was like manna for a hungry artist. The instructors were fun, on trend, helpful, passionate, and truly caring. The environment was professional and inclusive. I will absolutely fly back for more classes!
Daisy Young wrote about CMC on Aug 27th I signed up for the Ultimate Artist Plus class, not knowing at all what to expect. Once class started it all exceeded my expectations! The teachers provide you with so much knowledge of this art. It’s apparent that they all love what they’re doing, so it’s easy for us too to fall deeper in love with makeup. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone who is wanting an in-depth, hands-on, learning experience. I feel totally prepared to go out and start my business after this.
Kevin Riley wrote about CMC on Aug 26th – I took the Ultimate Artist 8 day program. I have been working as a freelance artist for a year, and I was basically self taught. I learned so many new techniques to use in addition to better ways of doing things I was already doing. I highly recommend CMC Makeup School, and I plan on going back in the future for new seminars/classes to further my makeup education!
Patty K. wrote about CMC on Jul 26th – I highly recommend the CMC classes, (I attended the Master Ring). Even though I am a licensed hairstylist, I had no idea what to expect going in. Christopher and Jake could not have made the experience any better! They kept good energy going, had us laughing, gave us a ton of tips, made learning easy, were extremely kind and patient and had great time management. Overall, I had the BEST experience and can’t wait to attend other classes in the future.
Linda D. wrote about CMC on Jul 24th I attended the Master Ring Class in Austin, TX. I learned so so much, i though i new everything about makeup but i learned so much more and know that i am better prepared to go out on my own now. It is a great investment and the knowledge of the business you get is incredible. I will definitely be taking another course soon hopefully the hair course. Thanks CMC =)

Chinika Watkins wrote about CMC on Jun 5th – I attended the Master Makeup Classes in Dallas, TX. I debated for awhile whether or not I was going to attend. Let me tell you, I am so glad I did. This class is worth every penny! I learned so much within this timeframe. I had great instructors, Walter and Christopher was awesome! Both kept the class professional and fun at the same time. I received hands on help and learned what I was doing wrong. I am much more confident in my work and ready to take this business head on. It was just a great experience like no other. If you’re uncertain about your work, looking to enhance your skills, or looking to build more confidence take these courses. You will not regret it! I am definitely looking forward to take more courses from CMC in the near future! Unbelievable experience, I learned so much!

Callan wrote about CMC on May 30th – I attended the 8-day course in Dallas and I could not have asked for a better time! I learned so much through Walter and Christopher and I couldn’t of had better instructors. I recommend this class for anyone wanting to become a professional makeup artist, or anyone that just wants to learn it for themselves! Amazing experience!

Lauren wrote about CMC on May 29th –  Im lauren and i attended cmc in dallas! It was a great experience and the teachers were very helpful! An awesome investment
Crystal Jaramillo wrote about CMC on May 24th – This is the greatest investment hands down. I can’t thank enough for this great experience. Cat and Chris are amazing, I honestly went in just wanting to get my certificate because I thought I already had everything down, but I walked out with soo much knowledge and important tips and tricks that helped me become a more confident Makeup Artist. I’m so happy I took the steps to take this class to help my dreams a reality! and I look forward to attending more classes in the future, Thank you CMC!

Dalinha Chou wrote about CMC on Apr 27th I truly enjoy this makeup class. I was skeptical at first because of the price and its a little bit too far from my house. But i decided to give myself a chance to explore the experience with CMC school and I really enjoy it. I get to learn a lot of new techniques that I never know before and I started to realize that I really like to become MUA. Both of the instructors are very knowledgeable, helpful. I would recommended this class to my friends.

Carrie wrote about CMC on Mar 4th – This truly was a makeup class above the rest. I have attended other makeup courses and did not receive the amount of skill and technique lessons I did with CMC. I am grateful for the experience and knowledge I received. I look forward to working more with CMC in the future.
Kristina wrote about CMC on Feb 27th –  Love this school! 🙂 I came all the way from Seattle, WA to come here and i absolutely loved it. I took the Dallas class and met some amazing people! The vibe is always fun and you get to learn some great skills! I’ve definitely walked away happy and pleased, and wish it hadn’t ended.. If i could go back every month i would!! Absolutely worth it.
NJ Stevenson wrote about CMC on Dec 2nd – Completed a class today! Loved it. Chris was very knowledgeable and our other instructor Amber was also a walking degree plan in makeup. So glad I took this course, it is worth it. 5 stars.
B wrote about CMC on Nov 19th – This school is worth every penny you spend!  The one-on-one time with Cris and Cat was invaluable!  They were great and very insightful with any questions regarding both makeup and marketing!  Hands down 5 star quality!!! Thank yall so much for a wonderful experience  – B, Austin, TX

Jamie Davila wrote about CMC on Nov 18th – I had an awesome time with Cris and Kat,theywere very helpful. Now I am more confident in my work. Thank you! 😉

Nicole Foster wrote about CMC on Nov 12th – Awesome class! I learned sooooo much!!! And it was so much fun!
Veronica A. wrote about CMC on Sep 15th – The experience I had at CMC was incredible and continues to be with all of the support I am still receiving! I gained so much knowledge due to the hands-on learning and materials supplied. I took the Ultimate Artist course, which covered everything and more I expected. Thank you, Christopher and Aly!!
Kristi Halliday wrote about CMC on Aug 31st –  I am so happy that I decided to take the Ultimate Artist course with CMC. The location was great, instructors were all knowledgeable and very nice…very comfortable atmosphere! I learned SO much while I was there and the class size was small so there was lots of hands on help. Any time I ever have a question they are so willing to help and very quick to respond (Alyssa and Christopher especially.) You not only leave with more knowledge, you leave with ALOT of products and things that are necessary for success. I feel like it was worth every penny and I feel fortunate that they do classes in Texas. Would recommend these classes for anyone wanting to further their makeup education. –
Brenda Martinelli about CMC on Aug 6th – I had so much fun taking these classes! The staff is so personable and always prompt on responding to any questions I’ve had. Chris has such a professional disposition, I heard someone ask if he was the owner. I’ve only met Alyssa via email so far but she feels like a friend I’ve had forever. And Eric’s style of teaching was so positive and encouraging. Whenever I started doubting myself he’d say, “Great job!” or show me how to improve without being critical. You can’t beat the one on one input you get with such small class sizes.This team really makes you feel special and that you can be successful. I look forward to taking more classes!
SUSAN K. wrote about CMC  on Jul 16th – I am so glad that I took this class with CMC. I would like to say thanks to Chris who was knowledgeable and great in teaching. 
Jessie wrote about CMC  on Jul 12th – I am so grateful I chose to further my education with CMC. I decided to take the 4 day course. It was well worth the money. The teachers are welcoming and very knowledgeable. I loved the hands on training. The products they supplied were more than I expected. I give the training course 5 stars! Thank you!
Brooke Renee’ wrote about CMC  on Jul 16th – I am now a beauty advisor/makeup artist for Christian Dior Cosmetics! Thank you CMC – Dallas for making my dream a reality : ) –
Kim Sok wrote wrote about CMC  on Jun 13th – Before I started this class I knew nothing about makeup. My instructors found out my inner passion and helped me surface my hidden talent. The teachers are very hands on and patient. The past week and two days have been an amazing experience. I highly recommend this class to anyone, even if they have no knowledge of the make up cosmetic industry. Because their are so many useful things to learn and you can only discover them at CMC Make up school.
Bharti shah wrote about CMC  on Apr 30th – I LOVED THIS SCHOOL”I Enjoyed i learned a lot from chris.he is amazing instructor. I am definitely going to come back and take more classes.THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR A GREAT EXPERIANCE!!!!!!
Jenny Cruz wrote about CMC  on Mar 19th – I had the most amazing time at CMC Makeup School. Chris kept it so interesting and fun and showed me so much! I was very sad to leave because I felt so at home there. Money well spent! All the instructors were just amazing, and my business is booming since I’ve been there. I’m definitely going to come back and take more classes. 5 Stars from me!!!

Adrianne Brooks wrote about CMC  on Feb 14th – I loved this school ‘ I went to another school in the area and this school was so much more informative, professional, complete and fun! Loved the instructors and the atmosphere they created. I don’t want to leave and am looking for a reason to come back! Thank you so much for a great experience.

Gabriela Ruiz wrote about CMC  on Feb 11th – My name is Gabriela and I loved it! I was there a whole week and it was really amazing what I got to learn from CMC , the teachers had great input and I loved that we had that one on one with all of them. I would recommend this program to any one that is interested in switching careers, I guarantee you will love it and through this program you will get all the necessary tools to feel confident and start your new career as a make up artist !

Precious Collins wrote about CMC  on Dec 15th – My name is Precious, CMC Makeup School has taught me more about makeup than i actually knew.. Christopher was an awesome teacher. I obtained so much information and received plenty insite about the makeup industry… I truly recommend that anyone who is really interested in makeup artistry and have a passion for makeup to attend CMC even if its just the beauty allure classes.. you still will learn plenty.. and its worth it.

Crystal Green wrote about CMC on Dec 15th – Hello my name is Crystal, My experience at CMC Makeup School was The BEST!!! The instructors were great, very knowledgeable and worked hands-on with all of the students. They taught the necessary skills to succeed and gave constructive criticism to help students enhance their craft. I gained information and experience that will carrier me through my entire career as a professional makeup artist. I definitely recommend CMC to anyone looking to enhance or began their makeup skills. It’s certainly worth it!!!

Jen Evans wrote about CMC on Dec 7th – I attended the Pro Ring Class in October and was truly impressed with the level of education I received in just 1 week. Chris was not only masterful in his teaching techniques, but consistently went above & beyond expectations to ensure we truly excelled in each skill. The one-on-one time with he and Maggie was invaluable & it was an honor to learn from artists of their caliber. With the tremendous knowledge I gained from CMC, I’ve been able to begin work right away in a variety of areas from bridal to photoshoots to stage & theatrical shows. I would highly recommend CMC to anyone who desires a high quality makeup education in a short amount of time. I absolutely LOVED my time there & have immediately benefited from the wide array of makeup techniques I was taught 🙂

Melissa M. wrote about CMC: We attended the class this past weekend, October 23-24, 2011. The class filled all our expectations. Chris and Amber were very helpful and gave us great tips on how to improve our applications. The hands on course is a great way to learn, plus Chris and Amber were there to help us out in every aspect. Alyssa was great and helped guide us along the way, with finding models and answering any questions we had before the class start date. I recommend attending CMC makeup school, it was fun, inspiring, and I learned lots in just a short period of time. I’m from Albuquerque, NM and flying out to Dallas was well worth it. Receiving a certification and meeting lots of great people along the way was an over all great experience. We didn’t know what to expect, but in the end it turned out well. I’m excited to start applying what I learned and jump start my path forward as a makeup artist.

Emily wrote about CMC: I enjoyed my Beauty Allure class last weekend so much! I learned everything I hoped and was very impressed with the teachers. Christopher and Amber were friendly and very eager to help. They showed us so many fun techniques…I can’t wait to try them all out. I would recommend this to anyone interested in becoming a makeup artist. I hope to come back soon for the more advanced classes!!  Thanks so much!
Lyna Nguyen wrote about CMC: I have learned a lot about the techniques in doing this makeup classes. I t surely did give me a lot more confidence in doing makeup on others. The instructors were great. It was good to be learning from different instructors since each came with their own background and experiences. Christopher was great. He was with us every step of the way. Each time we need help, he was right there.

I would definitely refer CMC to my friends. CMC got great instructors & the guidelines and materials are really helpful. Wouldn’t it be great if we can become assistants for instructors on occasions? Great way for shadowing. Lyna Nguyen.

Lizbeth Mejorado wrote about CMC: I had the best experience learning new techniques, practicing and just having fun with the rest of the students. The instructors is very patiente and explain everything with detail. Lots of information. I attended two other classes in the past and this has been the best investment I ever did to learn make up. It gave me the confidence to go back home and start putting everything I learn in action. Great instructors, Christopher was just the best, nice and fun, very helpful and creative!

Stephanie Rangel wrote about CMC: This class was the best experience ever! I learned so much from each instructor, Chris, Maggie & Amber are amazing! I am definitely coming back for the airbrush class, now I’m ready to take the next step in my career. Thanks again for everything- loved it!
Tori Jones wrote about CMC: CMC more than reached my expectations. The environment was very comfortable and the instructors made it quite easy to ask questions or ask for help. The curriculum we covered was just right for the amount of time given to apply the makeup and hair techniques. If your looking to learn the right way to apply makeup, CMC is the best choice. Your hands on with your make-up and supplies, and the quality of the products given is awesome! I truly loved my week at CMC, I wish it would have been a little longer, just so I could spend more time with my fellow artists. I heard that they will be offering other classes that go into more depth of different makeup styles and I will definitely be going to those classes as well.

Alfonso Lucin wrote about CMC: CMC gave me the confidence I did not have before. I am glad that I decided to enroll because it’s definitely worth it! The training is a great foundation for my creative passion. I would definitely recommend CMC to anyone, and will definitely be looking forward to more future training classes you will be providing.

Kendra Gregory wrote about CMC: I got out of the class exactly what I went for. To learn the correct way to become a makeup artist. I was enlightened and a little sad to leave. My instructors really cared about where I wanted to go in my career as a makeup artist and i will never forget that. 🙂

Taylor Stevens wrote about CMC: Such a wonderful experience with you and your company. Professional. Experienced. Courteous. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Thank you!
Amna wrote about CMC: I will definitely recommend cmc i just luvd it i enjoyed da atmospher n learnt alot as i am in sudan havent started work as yet it will take me a one more mnth to start but i have started doing makeup on myself n everyone appreciates it thanx u so much chris for being da best teacher ever n giving us so much knowledge abt da makeup n how to start our work i just wished it was for longer period didnt wanted it to end will alwayz remember u guyz everytime i see my makeup thanxs for ur help my my classmates to guyz get intouch.

Alejandra Cisneros wrote about CMC: I was really surprised how much I learned in just few days I really recommend you’ll to attend this classes, I really enjoy this classes and also my classmates we had a really good time together, I didn’t want them to end. 

Laura Kirk wrote about CMC: Amazing- I had no idea how much I could learn in only 2 days! The instructors Christopher & Antwan Jones provided the perfect balance of instruction & time to practice. I was extremely pleased w/the content covered, as well as the environment where questions were welcomed. I will definitely be taking more classes from CMC. I appreciated the constructive feedback during class & I feel confident & ready to begin on my own thanks to their willingness to share their expertise. – Laura Kirk

Lorena Donato wrote about CMC: Since groups are small, the learning is almost one on one. The instructors are knowledgeable on their field, and with patience they allow you to learn and practice every technique that is taught. Thanks everyone!
Kawana Marshall wrote about CMC: The overall experience was exceptionally amazing. I am so ecstatic that I found this class. The instructors were very knowledgeable and informative. The Beauty and Glamour class is a “must have” for everyone looking to get into the field of makeup. Thank you everyone. – Kawana Marshall
Tomika Carroll wrote about CMC: This class was great, extremely informative. This was one of my best investments. The instructors were awesome, they knew their stuff. I would love to take anymore classes offered through your school with the best instructors ever. I love the location of the class, it could have had better air conditioning, other than that thanks for your time. I enjoy the class. Hope to see you soon. – Tomika Carroll
Jessey Hues wrote about CMC:  I’m so grateful that I spent my tax refund wisely this year by taking the masters-ring course at CMC! Although; it went too quick (in my opinion) 🙁 I was able to gain a ton of knowledge, one-on-one training, and professional insight to jumpstart my career. The instructors are great; each one offers their particular specialty in the field, yeilding a unique and amazing experience for the student… and They Don’t Forget About You After You’re Certified and Done With the Class!!! Thank You CMC.. I’ve gotten a great response from my work! Jessey Hues
Brooke Renee’ wrote about CMC: CMC Makeup School -Dallas taught me so many things that I thought I knew, but actually didn’t. I learned how to apply beauty/glamour makeup the correct way, as well as airbrush makeup and how to network myself and my work. Christopher was one of the best teachers I have ever come across, so patient and willing to help out whenever he was needed. If it weren’t for CMC, I would still be walking around trying to brand myself as a makeup artist without knowing exactly what it took to be able to call myself such.
Penelope Louve wrote about CMC:  Great school. I was impressed with how much information I received from my instructor at CMC. Your website is full of so much information & resources as well as ideas for makeup artists. I can stay on your site for hours, lol. Keep up the good work

Nilza Rodriguez wrote about CMC: Please send me the schedule/information for new classes added in Dallas ..I loved the makeup/airbrush class along w/ the instructors, they were great & the best part was that it was only a few of us,so we got fullllllllllll attention & all questions answered. Hope to hear from you soon to get the full details for the Hair Styling class. Have a great week.

Brandice B. wrote about CMC: Thank you so much for all your help. I appreciate everything Alyssa, Chris and Eric has helped me with. I recommend this class to anyone that is passionate with makeup and fashion. Such a fun experience.
Candice miller wrote about CMC: It was so cool, The class showed me things I thought I knew, I will tell people about this class

Chris Lewis wrote about CMC:  I went to this school and i love it! you learn so much about the makeup industry as well as techniques. the instructors are very knowledgeable about all aspects of makeup. i would highly recommend going to this school if you want to learn about makeup!

Natalia Issa wrote about CMC: The course provided me a great foundation to build a very successful career as a Makeup Artist. The marketing and career class was great! I loved the airbrush class. The best part out of the whole experience has been the ongoing support from the instructors. I am a very proud to be an MUA graduate!
Jessica Parent wrote about CMC: 5 stars! CMC is a great opportunity to experience high quality professional training & offers short term affordable classes! The instructors take the extra time to focus on the area of the industry you are looking to specialize in & teach you so much more while starting to build an amazing portfolio. I can definitely say taking courses at CMC was money well spent Thanks Christopher!!

Cassie Vanecek wrote about CMC: The CMC course was amazing! I feel like I walked in the door as a basic artist and through your instruction I was magically transformed into a power house ready to take charge in the world of Makeup! I know there is still much to be learned, but I feel prepared and confident; ready for the challenge. I love that CMC goes beyond application, by teaching us every aspect of the business from marketing ourselves to industry terminology. For me CMC was more than earning a certificate, it was an exhilarating experience. Thank you and I plan on attending any future classes you offer

Abigail Rudow wrote about CMC: Awesome school, and great instructors. You guys were so patient with me, lol. I especially loved the airbrush class, and can’t wait to do more! Let me know when the pictures are done. I’m excited to see them!

I am definitely recommending this school to some my friends who I know are interested in makeup.
(P.S. Can I join more fashion shoots down the line to get more images for my site? Let me know if so & how much that would cost.) Thanks.